North American Game Animal Anatomy

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for Texas hog arrow placement discussion



Black Bear


The best shot is one that breaks the turkey's backbone or spine.


This will immediately immobilize it. For the best chance to hit the spine, wait until the bird is standing erect with its back toward you. Aim for the middle of the back. If the turkey is feeding or walking with its head down, the moving spine presents a difficult target. A turkey with its head down can be made to stand erect by making one or two clucks with your call. A hit in the neck is equally effective, but the neck is small and difficult to hit consistently. An attempt at a neck shot will either kill the bird instantly or miss it completely.




If the turkey is facing you, an arrow placed four inches below the base of the neck is good. This will be approximately an inch above where the beard is attached on a male turkey. The arrow should break the back as it exits the body, and should cause damage to the heart or lungs, or break a wing or leg.


A broadside shot can be good if you hit the point where the wing connects to the turkey's body, just below the spine. This is a relatively high position on the body. This will break a wing or the spine, or pierce the heart or lungs.







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