Archery and Broadhead Education Topics

As the expression goes, knowledge is power. Or to paraphrase, knowledge leads to success. The more we learn about our quarry, the environment our quarry calls home, and our equipment and its potentials, the more successful hunter we will become.


Dr Ed Ashby

Regarding our chosen hunting tools, the ultimate details involve the effect of the arrow and broadhead as a unit upon the target animals. In this area the most unquestioned and thorough studies have been examined by Dr Ed Ashby. His works on the effects of broadheads on game animals are comprehensive, and well documented. They are, while technical, easy reading and we encourage you to take the time to go through them. They are the reason that we embarked on the Tuffhead™ project.
 Dr. Ed Ashby
Dr. Ed Ashby's Lethality Studies are listed here in pdf and chronological listing

As you come to understand the factors that Ashby considers, and begin to explore your own equipment in light of the details he proposes, you will frequently use these Archery Formulas as a basis for comparisons of equipment. They each relate to every form of hunting with a bow and as you come to understand each of them, you will realize, as we did, that the Tuffhead™ will meet your every need.

In January 2012, Dr. Ed presented a discussion at the Traditional Bowhunters Expo in Kalamazoo Michigan on the Ultimate Hunting Arrow, What You Need to Achieve It, and the facts you need to know to back it up. With Dr Ed's permission, the program was recorded and Dr Ed provided his slides to accompany the audio. This series provides a very interesting and easy to understand follow-up to his many studies on arrow performance available elsewhere on this site. Set aside an hour or two and listen to what Dr. Ashby has to say...

We have broken the 2012 Kalamazoo Presentation down into 20 video clips that you can watch embedded videos from the third link on the menu to the left or Click This.

Troy Breeding and Tuning the EFOC Arrow

Troy Breeding
Troy Breeding participated with Dr Ashby at this seminar and discussed tuning your arrow shafts for efoc and uefoc arrows. His portion of the program can be found in clip 20 of the video series and in more detail in our reference room to the left under "Tuning the EFOC and UEFOC shaft".


NEW - Dr Ashby - 2013 P&Y, Dallas Texas

Again in May of 2013, Dr Ashby gave a presentaion at the 2013 Pope & Young Convention in Dallas. At these sessions Dr Ed discussed both BUILDING AND TUNING THE EFOC ARROW and also THE MANY ATTRACTIVE FEATURES OF THE EFOC ARROW. We have assembled this presentation in a series of videos that you can WATCH FROM THIS LINK.


KingWouldBe and examples of Ashby type Broadhead Penetration

A new autopsy and an instructional video and discussion by David DeVille on a recent hog killed with a TuffHead 300. Included are comments by Dr. Ed.  Read More...









The Archer's Paradoxarchers paradox

If you are beginning to work on tuning your arrow shafts or are embarking on heavier arrows, you probably have never heard of the Archer's Paradox, or possibly not gotten a clear understanding of this issue. This link to our single bevel broadhead website goes into some detail on the issue and also links out to other sources.






Basic Anatomy - With a good knowledge of the equipment side of archery in place, the better you understand the quarry, the better hunter you become. We do not claim to be the end all source for the biology of game animals, but in this anatomy images folder we endeavor to provide some basic anatomy information on some aspects of popular archery game animals. We'll add to this area as we can.
    North American & African Big Game Anatomy Images

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