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Copy here to lead to the buying page groups for the Main Products from Vintage...

  I set this page thinking of it as "OUR Products - Buy Now"
( vs. the accessories page on which items may come from anywhere also with a Buy Now - "Products might not be the final title word for this page ) We can easily drop one of the Accessories or Products pages for now and bring them in later when more items are available from other sources.

We could also sell the Tuffheads directly from under the "Broadhead "  topic link pages.
This might be best... to sell the Tuffhead under the "Broadheads" tab and cross sell the bowtote under the accessories  by linking over to the Bowtote side (site) and drop this page.


TuffHead 3 Pack - $44.95 with Free Shipping - BUY NOW

BowTote Bow Sling -  $24.95 with Free Shipping - BUY NOW
   Made in the USA