Hank Boswell 2011 Deer & Hog




I ordered some heads from you a while back and we had a slight mix up which you promptly cured and were so kind to send me a pocket sharpener, thought I would give you a report on the performance of your heads.


Had a hunt last weekend a shot a deer and a hog with your Tuff-Heads. The buck was a broadside shot on a typical West Texas deer that was 3 yrs old I would say. The arrow buzzed throughout the deer on a double lung shot and I watched him fall at about 50 yards, total penetration and good blood trail but not needed. 


The hog was a better test as they are pretty tuff. A broadside shot, straight up the fore leg, is what seems to work best for me. This shot was about where I wanted, maybe a hair forward. Again the hog went about 50 yards and rared  up on its back legs and fell over dead, actually the deer did the same thing before expiring. The arrow went through all the vitals but the broad head was buried about an inch under the skin in the off side shoulder. There was lots of blood and a great blood trail especially towards the end. I would say stellar performance from your head. I am only shooting a 50 lbs bow and the hog was pretty wide across.


Thanks for a great product.


 Note- Hank is shooting a Dalaa 21 inch riser  http://www.3riversarchery.com/DalaaBow.asp?i=8145&show=info  with Winnex limbs http://www.win-archery.com/ourcompany, his arrow is a full length (32 in.) Gold Tip www.goldtiparrows.org/ Velocity with a 50 grain brass insert.with the  225 grain TuffHead  www.tuffhead.com

and a 75 grain stainless steel insertout the total arrow weight is 650 grains Hank reports  about 28% FOC. 

Hank estimated the  the pig weighed around 200 lbs.

 Joe Furlong

   Made in the USA