Tom Brissee - 2012

Here is a bit of a review of my experiences with the Tuffhead 225gr broadhead:

 This is my first year bowhunting with Traditional Archery tackle.  I have been working at becoming proficient with my longbow for quite some time.  During that time, I did alot of research on broadheads and how to get the best penetration.  Dr. Ed Ashby's penetration studies steered me toward single-bevel 2 blade broadheads and, in particular the Tuffhead broadhead.  During years of bowhunting with a compound bow, I always built my arrows with high FOC and continue to do so with the wood arrows I am using with the longbow.  I found that the 225 gr. Tuffhead had everything I wanted, great design, single bevel and heavy weight to allow my arrows to have the high FOC that I desired.  Dr. Ashby's reports, a collection of how broadhead tipped arrows performed on game animals provided much information on the style of broadhead that would penetrate heavy bone.  I don't plan on shooting animals through areas of heavy bone but I like the idea of preparing for worst-case scenarios which may result in heavy bone hits.  Little did I know that I would be testing that theory not once but twice!

My first shot at a deer with the longbow struck the adult doe through the right side shoulder blade, much farther forward than my aiming spot.  The Tuffhead cleanly penetrated the scapula, cut the underside of the spine and penetrated through the rib cage on the offside.  Penetration was only about 8 inches but I believe that there are very few broadheads that would have penetrated nearly as far, due to the heavy bone encountered.  The deer was down for good in less than 80 yards.  I was surprised, after seeing where the arrow hit, that this broadhead was so efficient at bringing the animal down so quickly!

My second shot at a deer with the longbow was at a smaller doe that jumped the string.  That shot ended up hitting the deer just right of the center line of the spine and cut ALL the way through the vertebrae, dropping the deer on the spot.  Again, I did not plan to hit the deer in the spine but was amazed at the Tuffheads ability to cut through the backbone. Two less than desirable hits and the Tuffhead saved the day.  I have stopped looking at other broadheads and you will only find the Tuffhead in my quiver.


Tom Brissee

62" Toelke Whip longbow, 

53# @ 28"

675 gr. Sitka Spruce Arrow

225 gr. Tuffhead broadhead


I appreciate the great customer service and especially the 225gr Tuffhead.  As I said above, this is MY broadhead of choice, bar none!

   Made in the USA