Tom Brissee - December 2012 Tuffhead Buck

My first longbow buck was taken on 12/12/12, a very lucky day for me indeed. The deer came around behind my stand to my left and offered a hard quartering away shot. The 225gr. Tuffhead tipped Sitka Spruce arrow weighed 618 grains and carried an FOC of 19.20%. I leaned out to avoid some pine branches, picked a spot to allow for an exit near the offside foreleg and released the arrow. The arrow hit the spot but appeared to back out when the deer crouched to start running.
After some time, I gathered my gear, lowered my bow and climbed down to start tracking the deer. 15 yards away I could see my yellow feather fletches laying in the snow and walked over to find the back half of the arrow shaft with good blood about 2/3rds up the shaft. I found the deer about 60 yards from my stand tree. He had been on a dead run, clearing 8-10 ft. with each bound, then stopped and dropped just down the hill. One second he was running full speed and the next he was down for good.

After field dressing, I began to inspect the arrow’s path. The broadhead had penetrated from just outside the rib cage on the right side, through the chest and I found a hole where it had penetrated the inside rib cage just behind the left front leg. About 5” of the arrow shaft was in the deer but the broadhead was not attached. Upon further inspection in an effort to find the broadhead, I located it just below the elbow ball-joint in the left front leg. I carefully removed hide and meat from the elbow joint and attempted to remove the broadhead from the shank bone where it stopped, but was unable to remove the broadhead. I took a bone saw and cut off the shank bone just below the broadhead and cut the tendons holding the shank bone to the large shoulder bone which ends at the elbow ball joint. The picture tells the story about the superior penetration capabilities of the 225 gr. Tuffhead broadhead. The blades that remain exposed are still very sharp but this head will be retired. Mainly because it cannot be removed without breaking the bone apart!

I harvested my fourth deer with my longbow on the very next day with a perfect double-lung and heart hit. The 225gr.

Tuffhead is my broadhead of choice, bar none!

Tom Brissee
Proctor (Duluth), MN
   Made in the USA