Chuck Jones Veterans Day 2013

Veterans Day Buck
I walked into my stand in the dark and sat back to wait for shooting light. As it got lighter; I could see something white about 25 yards from my tree. The brighter it got, the more the object looked like a deer. When it was full light; I could see a nice 8 point buck lying dead.

I thought about getting down and dragging the deer away from my stand, but could see a small buck about 75 yards away nosing around. I sat and fumed about how the nice buck got there, and the longer I looked at him, the more it bothered me. I worried that someone was trespassing on my hunting woods.

About 8am, I decided I had to go look at the dead deer and see if I could tell what killed it. I reached up to unhook my harness, and saw a large buck coming my way. I got my 45# longbow ready, and moved into position for a shot. Just then, the buck turned into some honeysuckle, and pushed a doe out. The doe came right through my shooting lane, so the chances for a good shot looked promising. Soon the buck came, grunting, and sniffing the ground. He got close to where I could shoot, and stopped. He saw the dead buck, and started stomping and blowing. Instead of continuing into my shooting lane, he quickly moved off to my right. I had a small opening and a second to draw and shoot, at about 10 yards. He bolted at the shot, and I hit him about 6 inches back from where I aimed, but the shot was angling forward, so I though the hit was ok. I saw a bloom of blood around the arrow as he ran off.

After a while, I backed out quietly, and decided to wait 4 hours to trail. The wood there is extremely thick, and littered with red maple leaves that all look like they have blood on them. At noon, I came back with my hunting buddy, Tuck, and we too up the trail. I found blood after about 20 yards, and was able to follow blood and tracks easily until about 50 yards from the tree, I looked up and saw the buck lying dead. He was stiff and obviously had died minutes after the shot.

The fir arrow and 225 grain Tuffhead, had hit the back of the ribs, and angled through the liver and diaphragm, stopping on a rib on the far side. The arrow had stayed in the deer, causing massive damage to the liver. I’m sure he only ran for a few seconds and went down just out of my sight. The buck dressed out at 205# and has a nice, symmetrical 12 point rack. I’m really impressed with the damage done by the Tuffhead. I’ve shot several animals with Tuffheads now, and have had excellent results each time. They work very well with my lighter weight bow, and I can count on quick kills if I do my part.

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