It was a humbling experience.

Joe, 71 years young, Thomas , and oldest boy, 10 year old Isaiah
 This past Tuesday, the 18th, found Pop and I headed toward a ridge that has produced two other bulls for me in the past. It takes a while to get there but by the time you do, the wind has switched and you have an updraft that is extremely reliable.

On the way there, I spotted three cows being chased by a small bull. I thought about turning back and going over toward them but Pop was hesitant and we decided to let them be and continue on. We hadn't heard any bugling thus far.

Around 8:50am, we arrived at the top of the steep canyon. I began to cow call sporadically and was greeted with silence. Later on, I finally heard the herd bull bugle back to my calls far away across the creek...He was a long way off but it was good to hear him bugle. I looked back at Pop and said, "we need to go over there, that is the only bull talking. He is a long way off but we can stay out all day and get below him and have the wind for the evening hunt." Pop shrugged his shoulders and on we went.
I was softly mewing on the way down the ridge into the canyon, making it sound as if I was a lonesome cow headed towards the herd. Suddenly, I hear the unmistakable sounds of hooves and branching breaking. I stopped and Pop joined me right by my side. Antler tips came into view as a bull was walking right up to us! I immediately whispered, "get down and get out an arrow." The 5X4 walked straight towards us and stopped, looking at us from seven yards away. The bull was dripping from his mouth and stared in our direction. I figured right away that we were busted and there was not going to be any shot opportunities.
As the bull continued to stare, another bull came out of the oak brush and aspen and ran past the 5X4! A small 4X4 went right by us at less than three yards. He had no idea we were there. The smaller bull continued up the ridge behind us and got our wind. He crashed off and his departure made the 5X4 get antsy and he started to leave.

As the bull turned away from us, I mewed at him and called him right back. Unfortunately, we were both kneeling and we couldn't see the bull's midsection. The bull comes right back to 10 yards and continues to stare. I decided that if he was to turn his head away, I was going to stand up. He cooperated and turned his body around to where he was now completely broadside. I stood up as he turned and was blessed to have the bull stop. From my new standing position, the bull's head was eclipsed by some oak brush but his vitals were completely clear. I slowly drew back my 65lb longbow. At anchor, I looked right at a spot behind his shoulder and released. The arrow went where it was supposed to.

The bull exploded out, I cow called immediately and the bull stopped behind more oak brush. There was a loud crash followed by thrashing and breaking sounds. Then the bull gave us a couple of deep death moans and then everything was quiet again.
I praised God for the quick kill and for the blessing of such a beautiful animal.


I shot the bull from 12 yards.


I got a double lung shot, the 225 grain TUFFHEAD Broadhead literally destroyed both of them. 141 lbs of deboned meat!


Much needed for my family.




   Made in the USA