Fine as Swine... by Rich Nell

Sent: Saturday, March 17, 2012 2:57 PM
Subject: Fine as Swine


TuffHead 300...One, Tough

Went to my bottomland hardwood hunting hole yesterday, March 7, 2012. At noon I had an east wind so I started on the west line stalking up a rain water creek bed. With nose in the wind I was trying to stay in the wet leaves on the waters edge as much as possible due to the crackling leaves of such oaks as the swamp chestnut, white, overcup and cherrybark as well as magnolia and beech.

As I look ahead about 40 yards away I see a thin black horizontal line. I tell myself 'If it moves, that's the top edge of a pig'.  I watched about 10-15 seconds and it didn't move. I continue to ease down the water's edge and turn the curve and there she stands motionless in the water. She thinks she sees me and begins growling and walking closer for a better look. She knows she sees me and splits with kids in tow.

The swine run southeast to the big creek, like they have before. I leave. Not long before dark I sneak back in that direction. When I get 70 yards from the big water I hear a huge splash in the water. I immediately look and see a deer already on the bank of the other side. I thought, 'that was a mighty big slash of deep water for a deer to not have to swim or jump twice'.

I get to the muddy churned up water and see that the deer had lept from the higher bank to the lower and almost cleared the 20 foot span of water. No fibbin. It landed right on the opposite edge, hence seeing it on land quickly.

Anyway, as I stood there pondering how fun it would have been to watch a deer fly, I hear pigs not 40 yards from the flying deer. I see a sow and kids across the water. I ease up to the bank and then see a boar down below standing in the water alone. Now I'm thinking, 'if that short legged beast can wade in water shallow enough for him, then I can shoot this sow and wade the same water to get her.

Then I notice the boar begans crossing the creek and gets out of site. I then put the sneak on him. I get down on the slope of the bank just around a curve in the creek. I don't hear him get on loud dry leave ground so I'm thinking he's still standing in the water just around this dirt wall. A ten yard shot in the water is coming up shortly.

I peak around the curve and that dude has vanished. To this minute, I have no idea where he went. So I sneak back to mamma pig to take a 25 yard shot across the creek. Just when I get ready to draw she winds me and off they go.

Oh well, its getting dark and I begin heading back north to truck. As I get to the rain water creek bed I started at, I hear a pig of some kind wearing out acorns on the other side of a large sabal palmetto. I am 8-9 steps away. It is getting pretty dark and all I can tell is its a decent size feral pig of some flavor or another.

I take one step to my right so that I get another large palmetto behind me. I nock my 830 grain option and get prepared for him to walk around either side of the palmetto.

13 minutes later it is stinkin dark and I drift off to the coon shoot I won at last year's TBOF State tournament. Finally, the beast goes left and I can now just barely see an outline of the north end.

Thinking he's angled away, I draw and let the rocket fletch fly. Wham-0. There he goes, a very faint but very fast pig like a bat out of hades. For the next 7 seconds he is hauling through the palmettos. At second 8, he wipeouts and its over.

My headlamp takes me 50 yards to the black boar.

As I assess the scene, I notice the 300 grain TuffHead with Big Foot external footing lead the footed arrow through the onside super thick shield, through the softer portion of scapula, lungs and exited the offside shield. Although the exit hole objective was accomplished it was not a total pass thru shot.

This boar had some pretty decent armour. The thickest was 2", maybe a bit more and the broadhead came out of 1.5" shield meat. Angling through 4 inches of armour.

Not sure what he weighed but guessing 200#s. Not the biggest in the swamps but very thick and healthy. I gutless quartered him up and headed for the truck.

Due to my hands being full, I left my bow with the boar to get the next morning.

After traversing the steel coated rhino and sitting bloody in the swamp all night, the TuffHead literally still shaved the hair from my arm.

Some days in life stink like nobody's business. But the last two... I am grateful.

Richie Nell

Thanks Rich!


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