Hi Joe, here is a video I did with my phone, I was already to do some testing for you but had no battery's, I will get you some this year for sure. and spray

Young boar in the video was shot at around 15 yards walking from right to left, arrow jumped through, 740 grains with 35.07 efoc, he only went about 30 yards after the hit, blood was every where, I could here him blowing out his side after the hit. all this blood on the ground from a 2 blade wow, lol

The other boar was about 200+ with a good shield, I shot him moving from right to left also, but I hit a little far back, the arrow also jumped through, he went about 80 yards and stopped in the open on a hill side, vary sick right away, his head was down and he was just standing there.

I was able to sneak into about 20 yards for a steep down hill shot, he ether moved at the shot or I just shot a little far back again ( I think he moved-lol  ) I let him cook for a few hours and he was dead when I found him. Blood trail from the 300 gr tuffhead

I did sharpen all of the new heads as they just where not as good as they could be, the blood trail on the smaller boar was awesome, the bigger boar was not that good, may have to do with shot placement or his shield, he bled a clear fluid with light pink color, the first arrow jumped through so quick it has no blood on it, zero, nor any gut material, I actually thought, I shot through his fat on his back as there was only a fatty greasy clear fluid on the whole shaft.

The second shot was 2-3" from the first and it was covered in blood, it was amazing and I have never seen anything like it before.

   Made in the USA