Harder 2011 Moose


By 10:30 the "TuffHead" was on it's way into the moose at 4 1/2 yards, talk about exciting!
The moose traveled 32 yards, almost running over my hunting partner. But the moose stopped
short of him, swayed a little, took three steps and fell over!
I have attached a photo of the moose, thanks again for an excellent broadhead.

here are the photos I promised of the "TuffHead" =the size of hole in the lung , -the exist hole near the rib, and finally my hunting partner Harvey on the right and myself on the left.

Just to note, that the arrow did not pass through the hide on the far side, I believe that the paradox in the arrow at the distance of 4 1/2 yards still had not left the arrow preventing a complete pass through.
I was shooting the Cari-bow "Wolverine" at 28" draw and 55 lbs. The "TuffHead" was mounted on a 29 1/2", 11/32" cedar arrow with a total arrow weight of 688 grains.

Yes, I will continue to use the "TuffHead" in future hunts, thanks again Joe!

typical single bevel cut thought lungexit side showing typical "L" shaped single bevel cut

I haven't converted Harvey over to traditional bow hunting, but he is contemplating it. I made him some cedar hunting arrows for his compound bow a couple of years ago for him to take on a caribou hunt in northwestern Canada, he shot a ptarmigan with one and was impressed at how straight it flew. He did take a caribou but with a carbon arrow, oh well! Although I do 3D shoot with Grizzly Stiks.

Harvey Kay is a wonderful taxidermist and I assist him in the winter months to help him catch up.
Some of Harvey's work has appeared in the "Big Buck" magazine, a Saskatchewan magazine, not sure
if you have heard of it? Harvey has taken some fantastic mule deer with a bow, a great outdoorsman.

Howard ---)---->

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