Hello Joe,

The wife and I returned from Africa this Sunday. I managed in three days to take two animals - a zebra and a wildebeest. On the wildebeest my top limb hit the roof of the pit blind and the first arrow was thrown off course. It struck the wildebeest square in the shoulder and literally shattered the shoulder bone. The bull jumped at the first shot and broke the shaft of my arrow, leaving only the broadhead with the steel insert in his shoulder. After finishing off the bull I grabbed the steel insert (badly bent) and pulled the broadhead easily out of his shoulder bone. The leg bone was literally shattered making it easy to pull out the broadhead. In spite of having shattered the upper leg bone and in spite of the STEEL insert being bent from the force of the shaft being broken, the broadhead looked brand new. It was still sharp, the point was undamaged, the broadhead was straight and true. Upon inspecting the broadhead the PH said "I've never seen ANY broadhead break bone like that and not show any sign of impact". The owner of the hunting operation was so impressed by them that he insisted that I sell my broadheads to him. He wanted to show his bowhunting clients what he thought was the best broadhead he had ever seen. This bowhunting operation regularly has a dozen or more clients each year take cape buffalo with archery gear. They normally use the most expensive two-blade broadheads available, but even those have been observed to have their tips curl after striking bone. It takes a lot to impress these PH's and guides - your broadheads did just that.

Thanks for making such a fine product. I have now ordered a dozen more to replace the ones now in Africa.

Here's a photo of the wildebeest and the follow-up arrow.

All the best,

John Havard
   Made in the USA