Chuck Jones Fall 2011 Whitetail Buck

I had a great hunt on the morning before the Illinois gun season. From my treestand, I saw a big doe coming my way. I thought from the way she was acting, that a buck was following her. Sure enough, this nice 8 point followed the doe, right past my stand.

The shot that was presented was not ideal, as it was steep and slightly quartering toward, but I was confident I could make a good hit. I shoot aWhitettail with a Tuffhead 45# Black Rhino longbow, with Douglas Fir arrows and the 225 grain TuffHead. The arrow caught the edge of the shoulder blade, but still make it through the vitals, out the sternum and left an exit hole and tremendous bloodtrail. The buck ran 40 yards and crashed. The damage to the heart and lungs was amazing.

This is the second deer this year taken with the same TuffHead. Both fell within sight. I'm confident that even with my lighter weight bow set-up, I can rely on great penetration and exceptional cutting performance from the TuffHeads.

Chuck Jones
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