David DeVille December 2012

"Well, yesterday I had an epic hunt to finish the year,( seasion closes Monday 31st). Shot was a tad-long, but I knew I could make the shot. I was pined down above 9 deer, a tall 3x3, a wide 3x3 with short tines, a wide 3x2 with huge eyegards, and a big forky.

I layed against the hill above them for over an hour, all 4 bucks where sleeping, then some of the does started to stir getting 2 of the bucks up, as I raised up for the shot, he was around 52 yards straight down hill, head down quartering away.

My shot hit him quartering away down hill, entering at his left rear leg and exiting the bottom of his chest, he flew down hill and bedded, never getting to his feet again.

A little info, I shot the buck with a 225gr. tuffhead with a 100gr. steel insert, 620gr. total arrow weight, 67lb ILF longbow.

The Buck has a 24 1/2" outside spread and 4 1/2" and 3 1/4" eyegards he is my widest Pacific Hybrid, (a cross of mule deer and blackmail deer) when I saw how wide he was and his eyegards, I knew he was the one I wanted, even though the tall 3x3 may have scored better. This one was too unique to pass up."

So What is a Pacific Hybrid we asked? Is it a mule deer/black tail mix? 

King replied...  "Some say that, I personally don't believe that, they are a sub specie to the black tail, like a cues deer is to the whitetail.

Fish and game actually recognizes several sub-species here is California, we are all most 800 miles long and 250 miles wide, from the ocean to Mt Whitney, to death Vally desert to high alpine.

CBH ( California Bowman Hunters ) recognizes 3 kinds of deer here, Black tail, Mule deer, & Pacific hybrids."

Take care Joe.

   Made in the USA