Juevos Wall Hog

Kingwouldbe & Tuffhead
August 8, 2011

My eye's where heavy, as I only got 3 hours of sleep last night, @ 3:30 I was jumping into Vance's truck heading to " Juevos wall " a spot we had hunted a few weeks earlier.

Juevos wall is supper steep, but it's open and we can glass a lot of country, right off the bat I spotted a herd of hogs on the wall over a mile away, they where fighting and kicking up a lot of dust. we decided to drive on top of the wall and set up to cut them off before they went to bed, as we got on top we ran into another herd, jumped out and went after them.

This same herd suckered us two weeks earlier to follow them down the back side wall for an 8 mile round trip, I side hilled this time, not wanting to commit to going down after them, I saw Bart and Vance making hand signals to me ( thought they where going down after them ) as I kept side-hilling not wanting to go down for nothing; I said to my self, self, this is a suckers bet get out of here.

As I was approaching the top of the ridge, I heard a truck go by but it was out of sight, when I got to the top I looked over where the truck was parked and it was gone, they took off with out me...... I knew where they whir going and as I came around the top of the ridge I could see the truck about 500 yards away and Vance and Bart where going down to glass the herd.

I was not to upset I only had 500 yards to catch up to them, I had not gone 200 yard when all hell broke loose straight down below me, the boars where still fighting right below me, I dropped off the ridge and was moving pretty fast because I knew they whir down a ways, the sound was rising and I thought they whir closer than they whir, 400 yards latter and I had a them spotted, I took out a TUFFHEAD tipped arrow and moved to my right and kept going down hill as I watched the fight rage on.

Vance and Bart could see me the whole time, Vance said to Bart; Dave's got-um, Bart said how do you know? Vance said I know! Vance and I have been hunting 20+ years and have hundreds of kills together, He is truly a hunting buddy of a lifetime, they could see me but not the herd.

As I got closer and closer I was planning my shot, I knew the herd and the wind was moving from my left to right, I slipped into a spot so the herd would pass just below me, I took off my pack, and Vance Said to Bart he's going to shoot now, as the herd came straight below me I started to put some tension on the string, The biggest boar was right below me and there was nothing between me and the whole herd but grass, about 6" tall, just as I was starting to come to full draw I heard something to my right, I looked just in time to see my pack starting to roll and was headed straight at the herd, I grabbed it before it could complete it's first roll.

I tried to push it into the hill, but it was to steep, it would not stay, and every time I took my hand off of it, it would start to roll, as I was trying to screw it into the hill side, the whole herd looked right at me, except the big boar was looking at the fat sow he had won, I said, you got to shoot now, there going to blow out of here any second.

I took my hand off the pack and grabbed the string coming to full draw in one motion, the boar was still standing there flat footed as the arrow streaked down hill like a bird of pray bent on it's target, the arrow was heading straight for where my eye was fixed, striking with a thud, his first move was away and down hill I could see he was hurt right away, the problem was there was a lot of shaft sticking out, but it was right in the pocket, I thought you might of got heart.

I throw my glasses up right away to see where the arrow was sticking out of, YES! it's right in the pocket, I watched him move slowly but steadily after the herd, he was hurt bad, as he went out of my sight he came into Vance and Bart's sight, Vance could see the arrow and where the hit was, he told me latter the boar was struggling to get to the oak trees and the arrow was hitting the hill as he walked because of how steep it was.

The whole herd ran through the oaks and he stayed behind, after a few minuets Vance heard him rolling down hill, I came over the ridge and he gave me hand signals that he was in the oaks.

Vance crossed the canyon over to me and we sat there for another hour as I smoked my victory cigar, I wanted to give it more time to die, as nothing good could come from us bumping it from it's bed, it was already dead when we finely tracked it down, and yes, it was him that Vance heard rolling down hill, we figured he died in his bed and it took gravity a few minuets to pull him down hill.

He broke the arrow as he rolled down hill snapping it @ 9 1/4" with blood up another 2" around the shaft, not a lot of penetration, yet on a Boar of this caliber, I'll take it.

This is the amount of hide and hard fat or the shield that covers the shoulder of an older hog.
This what the TuffHead was designed for!

Check this YouTube Video below that Kingwouldbe did in testing with a combined 472 grain arrow, using a 250 grain  Tuffhead with a 125 grain insert making a 31.38 EFOC combination. Amazing toughness thru the deepest part of the deceased boar!

   Made in the USA