Bill Kissner 2011 Elk

Hunting near Mancos, Colorado, I was sitting in a tree stand overlooking a trail coming out of a deep canyon.

This was the 4th time to sit this stand and the first time to see elk. I had been sitting since 1/2 hour before dawn. At 7:35, there was a noise behind me. After standing and looking, a cow elk appeared and stood looking the opposite direction as if she had heard something. She stood several minutes giving me time to get in position to shoot around the tree I was sitting in. I debated with myself about whether I wanted to shoot her and end my 2011 season. Since elk sightings had been few and far between, the decision was made to go ahead and shoot.

My climbing stand was about 25 feet high making the 21 yard shot a little steep.

The Tuffhead entered approximately 3/4ths of the way up and a little behind the shoulder and angling down. The cow ran under my tree and looped 10 yards down into the canyon. She then came back up on top and expired 30 yards from the shot. Total run distance was about 40 yards or so.

The Tuffhead did a great job as it broke 2 ribs going in.

Thanks Joe!

Equipment Details: The bow used was a Black Widow PCH X Osage, 60#@29 and 58 inches long
Arrow used was a Carbon Express Heritage 350, 29 and 1/2 inches long
Tipped with the 225 grain Tuffhead, aluminum insert and aluminum long adaptor.
Total arrow weight is 680 grains.

Bill Kissner


   Made in the USA