Paul Liberato - Mozambique, 2012

Hi Joe,

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is…I got a cape buffalo with a 1050 grain Tuffhead tipped arrow.

The bad news is that I made a poor choice of shot and took it anyhow. It was over 40 yards and I took the shot more out of frustration than anything. I ended up hitting the bull in the right ham. The arrow penetrated all the way through and lodged into the opposite side femur. The buffalo ran about 400 yards and laid down. He was “down for the count” but my ph suggested that he put a bullet into his head as he was still alive and it was getting dark in a hurry.

The broadheads performed wonderfully and when we did the autopsy, it was amazing to see the damage the head had done. The arrow had broken off when the buffalo ran off and the head did massive damage to the arteries of the upper legs where it was lodged.

Enclosed are some photos. I’m sending them one at a time since they are big files.

Best Regards,


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