Charles Moniz in Africa 2012

Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2012 11:16 PM
Subject: africa 2012
Joe ,
Use these write ups anyway you see fit. Yes you can send what you wish to Ashby.
You have my permission to do so. To tell you the truth you dont need
my permission
this is your tuffhead. When you sent me a dozen of these heads you had
all the permission you needed then. Thank you for building an awesome
Charles and the Buff
We chased Cape Buffalo for three days and on the fouth day we come
upon three old bulls. We got to thirteen steps from the bulls. I
checked it after the shot just to confirm it. I aimed for the shoulder
and released. The arrow flew perfect and I hit right where I aimed.
The Cape Buffalo exploded running into the bush. We recovered the
arrow and the blood on the arrow confirmed it was a lung shot. The
Tuffhead preformed perfect. My arrow flew like a lazer guided missile.
No my bull is not a monster that everyone seeks but at 37 1/2" inches
thats a pretty nice Cape Buffalo.

After recovering the arrow I checked my Tuffhead and I could not
believe how sharp the Tuffhead was. After recovering the buff and
close inspection, my arrow cut through the thickest part of the rib
and cut a 5 1/2" + gash in the lung. I was very impressed with the
performance of the Tuffhead and how sharp the edge was after seeing
the cranage it caused to the buff. I feel confident that I could take
this Tuffhead as is and go and kill another Cape Buffalo with it's
current condition. Truly incredible.

Cape buffalo was shot at 13 yards 3/4 away shot on left side. #78 pound J.D. Berry longbow. hickory shaft from Allegheny Mountain Arrow woods. Arrow
weight 1026 grains and a 300 grain Tuffhead. 16 1/2 inchs of penetration.

On my fifth day in Africa we moved north to hunt Bushpig. I was told
this would be a night hunt and we would be in a tree stand. We got
settled in and at about eight P.M. I got my first glimps of an African
Porcupine. Boy were they BIG ! I thought T-REX came back to life. The
whole time in the tree stand it was pretty quiet. The bush pigs came
in at 10:50 . The lead pig came in really jumpy. I waited for about
eight minutes before I took my shot. It was pitch black. I aimed and
released. The Bushpigs scattered in all directions. We waited about
ten minutes and called for the truck and the trackers. Dennis asked,
did the shot feel good? I said yes but it's hard to tell how well my
shot really was. Dennis found the arrow ten yards beyond where the
bore was standing and recovered the boar about twentyfive yards down
the hill. The arrow and the Tuffhead were in perfect condition after
bouncing of the rocks. My Bushpig was a very nice boar.

Subject: Africa 2012 bushpig
Shot at 12 yards with a 300 grain Tuffhead and a #78 J.D.Berry Vixen longbow.
Shot at 11 p.m.

Dennis Kamstra PH, and Charles

Impala shot at a yard and a half with a 300 grain Tuffhead. #78 J.D.
Berry longbow.
Impala 24 3/8"
A few days later we went to what Bossie calls the pantry. We saw
tons of animals. After the shot on the Impala a few moments went by
and this Big Warthog came in. At ten yards I took a shot at him and he
was so quick, he jumped at sound of my release and my arrow flew right
over his back. The arrow skipped through the sand and rocks for about
25 yards. We went to retrieve my Impala and the arrow that I just
missed with on the Warthog and as I picked up the arrow, my first
thought was I am going to use this arrow, as is, on another Warthog.
After the photo shoot with the Impala, we got settled in the blind.
Here comes the same Monster Warthog I just missed an hour before. At
ten yards my arrow flew ture and hit its mark. We recovered the boar
the next day and you can see the results. My first Warthog and he is a
big one.
I took a second Warthog and had great results !!!!!! I used the
arrow I missed the first Warthog with and the arrow slammed into him
at ten yards . We recovered the second Warthog at the water hole. With
a pass through, with the same arrow that I missed with and skipped
through the sand and rocks. After the miss and then shooting the
second warthog I could not believe how sharp my TUFFHEAD was.
Absolutely an incredible broadhead.

Subject: Africa 2012
Warthog Shot with a 300 Grain Tuffhead.
Notice the arrow still in the hog. 14 1/2 to 14 3/4 tusks showing.

Charles (above)
and Bossie Mostert
owner of Limpopo Big Game Safaris in South Africa

I built my longbow with J.D. Berry. A Vixon #78 @ 28 1/2" 68" Black locust wood.
My arrows I also built with Shafts from Allegheny Mountian Hard Woods. I used Hickory Shafts. The final arrow weight came to 1026 grains with a 300 grain Tuffhead. Joe, Thank you for the Tuffheads.

Charles Moniz
Wenatchee, Wa
   Made in the USA