Dr Craig Moy - June 2012 - Asiatic Buffalo

June 17 2012
Hi Joe--thought if you want you could use another endorsement on the website or anyway you want,
if you so desire...

In this pic you can see the bloodied TuffHead on the single arrow leaning against the bull's side.

Used the 225gr Tuffheads on a Asiatic water buffalo hunt in Australia with great success--their performance exceeded my expectations on one of the toughest game animals and even managed to wholeheartedly earn the respect of the guides and outfitter whose experience on what works and why is unrivaled. I know it was the road less travelled, but the materials chosen and techniques used in producing your vision are spot on. Your dream has become reality--this head is the real deal and has allowed my dream to follow.

After my buffalo was down I put a finishing shot and even reshot that same finishing arrow into
the opposite side sweet spot as an opportunity to do some testing that I couldn't pass up. Despite
breaking ribs on both shots, the head remained undamaged and even stayed sharp enough to continue to shave hair. Wow.

Unfortunately I never got the chance to use the 300gr heads you sent, although they look even more
impressive with the added beef and wider edge grind. I wouldn't hesitate to hunt anything on the planet
with these bad boys--even Megatron!
Craig Moy
   Made in the USA