Rich Nell's Second Whitetail and extreme blood trail video..


I want to tell you about the second victim I have taken with the same Tuffhead™ 225. First of all, after recently shooting a buck (and the earth upon exiting), the Tuffhead only needed a few strops on a cardboard box to get it hunting sharp. I then took a doe with it on 1/19/12. I was hunting a narrow strip of timber between a pasture and a mature pine plantation in central Alabama. After passing a young buck, this doe comes bee bopping along at 11ish yards. The Tuffhead™ enters the doe exactly like it did on the buck a few days ago. Tight in the triangle of shoulder bones, in front of the heart, and exits on other side of brisket. The Tuffhead™ buries in the dirt before feathers can enter the deer. The arrow breaks as the deer proceeds in an 80 yard wide open sprint. I had no problem whatsoever trailing the massively hemorraghing deer.

As you can see in the video, it was quite a Plasma Production.

After hitting the dirt upon exiting two deer, the edges of the Tuffhead™are flawless and only need a few licks with a ceramic stick to be really hunting sharp. Very good hunting tool to say the least. Lord willing, I plan to produce more plasma trails with the Tuffhead™.

As you can see in these pictures Rich sent, the Tuffhead™ did its job.
entrance woundentrance wound exposedexit exit

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