Skinner 2011 Hog




Vance (left) received a few Tuffheads from his buddy David DeVille (right), and here is what happened on his first shot. Another hog that was destroyed by the Tuffhead, the shot was about 10-15 yards on a run, it took 2 steps and hit the dirt, blew a chip off of the socket and shattered the opposite leg bone. it's chin hit the dirt and began to plow dirt, then rolled about 80 yards down hill.


for a video from Vance on this kill click on this link or copy and past into your address bar

After the kill when the hog was cut up they found the damage done by the Tuffhead. The Tuffhead had chipped a bone on the entry side, passed thru the vitals, and struck and split the femur on the far side.

off side split femur

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