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Took a local bow hunter out for a Bush Pig hunt last night. I had him armed with one of the Tuffheads you provided me (he was shooting a 70 lb. compound. To make a long story short, he hit a large boar (approx. 220 lb) in the shoulder bone, just below the shoulder joint. Arrow exited the exact same spot on the opposite foreleg. We never recovered the arrow (complete pass through) probably because of the darkness. But when we took  carcass to butcher today we saw extreme amount of blood shot meat around both shoulders, indicating mass trauma. Both leg bones (left and right side) were split from shoulder joint down for about 8 inches. A visible elongated hole through both bones was through both leg bones. The thing that surprised the client (a seasoned bow hunter) is that there was absolutely no sound upon impact (like with most bone hits). It was almost soundless, indicating to me that bone was separating instead of "stopping" the broadhead. Truly amazing outcome! At least you now have one absolute convert over here. Unfortunately we did not have a camera with us to photo these broken bones.


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