The heavier 225 and 300gr Tuffhead are perfect medicine for these larger North American cervids.
Their bone braking design when used on an EFOC or UEFOC arrow ensure full penetration and quick kills.
Our friends here kindly share pictures of their success and a bit of the story behind each. We'd love to read, see and post your story also!


Randy Beasley Sept 2013 Elk

Randy traveled from Illinois to kill this Colorado elk with the same Fred Bear takedown recurve he has been shooting since 1998

Joe: I was hunting in Colorado about 50 miles south of Steam Boat Springs.   The close towns are Yampa and Oak Creek.  The area is called the Wilderness Flattops.  My brother has been to this location quite often and we hunt out of a base camp without a guide or outfitter, but rent horses to ride back into the Flattops usually about two hours each way.  We have ridden as much as three hours in... Read the rest of his story here...


John Havard 2013 Moose

John Havard - 2013 Moose

Just a quick note to report yet another excellent performance by your broadheads.  On a quartering-away shot my 675 grain arrow with 225 grain TuffHead in front cut through a rib going in and stopped against the opposite

John Havard 2013 Moose broadheadshoulder/leg bone intersection on this fine bull.  As you can see, the broadhead looked like new.  

Thanks again for making the best broadhead available!

John Havard
Dryad Bows

 (Another used Tuffhead that looks ready to go again!)


Ryan Foell - 2013 Moose

Ryan used this TuffHead on this fine moose and it looks sharp enough for the next one. Good Job, Ryan!


Hi Joe,
! I have just returned from a successful Ontario moose hunt. I called and stalked
this young bull to 25 yards. This bull was shot from the ground using a 56# longbow from Steve Turay of Northern Mist Longbows. My arrow was a Traditional Only 400 from 3 Rivers Archery cut to 30.5 inches. The broadhead of course, a 220 grain Tuffhead with a 35 grain adaptor. Total arrow weight was just shy of 700 grains. I took the shot as the bull was quartering away. The arrow entered just behind the right shoulder, passing through both lungs and falling just short of a complete pass through. When we skinned this moose, the broadhead and about 3 inches of the arrow were visible just under the hide. I am certain that if it had not been quartering away, it would have been a complete pass through. As you can see by these pictures, there was no curling or bending of the Tuffhead. The bull was dead on his feet only making it 40-50 yards. Thanks Joe.
Ryan Foell
Ontario Canada.



Joe Blake Caribou 2013Joe Blake - 2013

Hi Joe, Just got back from the North Slope of the Brooks Range and thought you might like a couple pics. Four of us went up and shot six big bulls, all with my Prairie Longbows! Had a great trip: I also saw close to a couple dozen Dall's Sheep, 6 Grizzly Bears, and a pair of black wolves. Shot this bull from 24 yards, quartering stiffly away; the 800 grain Tuffhead tipped arrow entered behind the last rib, passed through the liver and off lung, and shattered a rib before exiting, flying another 15 yards down into the creek bottom, and burying almost to the feathers in the tundra. The big double shovel only made it about 60 yards before collapsing in the creek. Awesome hunt!     Joe


David Petersen - October 2012

Joe: I hope this finds you well and spunky. Here is what I’m posting to tradbow.com ...

In more than 30 years of bowhunting elk here, I’ve never had such a tough season. Nothing even close for prolonged dead time. Wound up hunting seven weeks, missing ... Read More...

t downing sept elkThomas Downing - September 2012  Joe---Good morning from Colorado. Here is a copy of what I wrote up on tradbow and some pics. Thanks again for the Tuffheads.
God bless, T

He writes (and more pix including three generations of elk hunters):
"It was a humbling experience. This past Tuesday, the 18th, found Pop and I headed toward a ridge that has produced two other bulls for me in the past. It takes a while to get there but..."  READ THE REST...

Bill Kissner - Aug 2012  Just wanted to let you know I killed a cow Thursday morning August 30th . Used my Black Widow bow and one of your Tuffheads. Shot her at 8:30 AM. She was standing broad sided. Arrow entered mid ribs. It must have glanced off the side of a rib and deflected toward the rear slightly, going through one lung and then the liver. I took up the track after 30 minutes and jumped her from a bed after 150 yards. Waited about 30 minutes and resumed the track and jumped her again after only 75 to 80 yards. Came back to camp and gathered equipment and recruited some help to retrieve her from the deep canyon. We went back in at noon and found her dead about another 100 yards from the last bed. We evidently scared one or more bears off her as they had chewed on her front leg in the elbow area and removed a large section of skin in the lower belly area. There were some claw tears in other areas but no meat was damaged. We were lucky to have arrived when we did or I believe she would certainly been ruined. It took about an hour to drag her out of the canyon with my chain saw winch.


2011 Elk -  David Peterson   “The Tuffhead broadhead, beefed up to 450 grains with insert and adapter, performed flawlessly and helped produce one of the cleanest and fastest kills in my 30 years of traditional bowhunting for elk.  I am convinced the long, narrow profile, along with superb factory sharpening, are  major elements in the Tuffhead’s excellent penetration performance.” – David Petersen  


David Petersen is the author of "Man Made Of Elk"   www.davidpetersenbooks.com


 2011 Canada Moose - Howard Harder

 "Hi Joe,     Thank you very much for the TuffHead broadheads, I received them on Friday, installed them on my cedar arrows and tested the 225 grain brass points and one TuffHead that evening. Saturday morning I was out hunting moose with my friend Harvey Kay in the Cypress Hills located 20 miles south of hometown of Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada.     read more of Howard's story....


Aug 2011 Elk - Abe Penner
"Your broadhead did its job again, not that I had any doubts. Thanks for making it a good one." 
Abe Penner... Read More on Abe's stalk..

2011 Elk - Bill Kissner
Bill Kissner near Mancos, Colorado
"The Tuffhead did a great job as it broke 2 ribs going in. Thanks Joe!"

read more about Bill's hunt...

TuffHead's™ long development stage of three years may sound extreme to some, but during this time the broadhead metallurgy was perfected and production jigs and techniques were also developed. Joe felt it was important that everything was right and the broadhead was thoroughly tested before the broadhead was marketed to the public.

   Photo by Lori Penner

2009 Canadian Moose

Abe Penner of Cari-Bow (www.cari-bow.com) was feeling guilty about all the time he was spending working building custom bows. He thought that his wife Tina was being neglected so he suggested that they go on a second honey moon.

Abe suggested that they should go on a fly in moose hunt for their get away. Tina being the great sport that she is went along with Abe’s idea of the “perfect romantic trip”.

Joe Furlong of the Vintage Archery Co. asked Abe if he would use the new TuffHead™ broadhead for the moose hunt. Abe agreed to test the new prototype broadhead, that is what friends are for! On his second honeymoon in Sept 2009 Abe shot this fine Canadian moose pictured above with the TuffHead™ proto-type broadhead. Abe got a good shot on the moose and the TuffHead™ did its’ job.

Photo by Lori PennerAfter that things did not go smoothly! The moose expired in the lake and had to be field dressed and butchered while leaning over the gunwales of a boat. There was no alternative as there was no one else to help them get the moose out of the lake. (This is understandable as this was a romantic getaway. Moose hunting was just secondary, said Abe! )

If you get a chance ask Abe about the details and exactly how this butchering operation is done. You never know it could happen to you on your honeymoon! Also, ask Tina how she enjoyed the trip.

These are the only trophy pictures available as Abe refused to get in the lake with the moose so Tina could get a picture. Abe used a 53 lb @ 28”Cari-Bow Wolverine of his own design, a TuffHead™ broadhead, and carbon arrow to kill this moose. The arrow weighed 725 grains and he reports a 25% FOC arrow set up.

Check out other TuffHead stories and trophies recently taken around the world.
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