MeatHeads and TuffHeads are proving to be more than a match for the popular Odocoileus virginianus and  Odocoileus hemionus (and a few subspecies for you quiblers)! Add in a little EFOC tuning and a decent aim and they are an extremely efficient tool on them. We thank our friends below for sharing their success stories and pictures and welcome any new pictures and stories you might share.

Chuck Jone's Veterans Day 2013 Buck
I walked into my stand in the dark and sat back to wait for shooting light. As it got lighter; I could see something white about 25 yards from my tree. The brighter it got, the more the object looked like a deer. When it was full light; I could see a nice 8 point buck lying dead.

I thought about getting down and dragging the deer away from my stand, but could see a small buck about 75 yards away nosing around. I sat and fumed about how the nice buck got there, and the longer I looked at him, the more it bothered me. I worried that someone was trespassing on my hunting woods.

About 8am, I decided I had to go look at the dead deer and see if I could tell what killed it. I reached up to unhook my harness, and saw a large buck coming my way... 


Read The Rest...






George Fritz - November 2013

Have to take the space to post my first archery deer with lots of thanks to Joe Furlong and his TuffHead. Joe got me changed over from a dyed in the camo duck hunter to trad archery 2 years ago when we discussed working together on this website. Over the posting of Joe's Tuffhead specs and his reasoning behind the TuffHead, and thru all of Dr. Ashby's writings we posted here on TuffHead.com, some of it stuck with me. I am now a total convert.


So this being my first full season of pursuing deer here in Illinois, with my built up 715 gr 23.5 EFOC Tuffhead tipped arrow ( 250 CE Heritage, 225 TuffHead with 75 gr adapter, AA fletching, and a double "BigFoot" footing, from a 49#@28" 62 in takedown bow from Chuck Jones of Okaw Archery, I consider myself educated by the best and extremely lucky for the circumstances. The TuffHead and the combination performed flawlessly. Thanks Joe!


If you want to read more of the details of my morning its here...



Jans Carlson & his "Deer Spear" November 2013

Howdy folks,
I wanted to share the results of my hunt yesterday morning. I hunted a river bottom adjacent to cornfields and was able to arrow two nice white tail does. I was using my UFOC arrow setup which was built from a 300 Behman ICS Hunter shaft, standard aluminum insert, double aluminum footing, 125gr steel adaptor, and a 300gr Tuffhead broadhead. The fletching is 3-2 3/4" AA feathers plus a turbulator. Total arrow weight around 700gr with FOC around


Joe Blake  November 2013:
Evening of Nov. 6, about an hour before dark, this guy was tearing up the woods and chasing everything in sight.

8 yard shot, full penetration, he ran right under the stand after the hit and I grunted him to a stop at 50 yards, which is where he tipped over seconds later.
54# Prairie Panther longbow, 800 grain Carbon Express Heritage arrows tipped with Tuffhead broadheads. He field dressed right at 190# and green scores right at 135.
Coolest part of the whole thing for me is that Nov. 6 would have been my Dad's 86 birthday...still looking out for me I guess!          Joe


Steve Sallee - September 2013

Hi Joe
This is Steve in NC
We've talked a few times. Got some pic. And story for you. The head did great but on the down side, I decided to try and epoxy one in. Guess which I chose to kill the deer, yea the epoxied one, guess what deer did to the arrow, you got it, it's broke in half. But I guess it's a small price to pay all things considered.


Sean and Karen Walp - 2/15/13
Hi Joe;
We ended up having a pretty good season. I shot two does with the TuffHead broadheads and Karen shot a doe she didn’t recover but we still found the arrow. She also harvested her first deer with the bow; a nice six point, also taken with the TuffHead 300 grain left bevel and a wooden arrow I made for her 35 pound Centaur longbow

All in all we were impressed with the TuffHead performance and hope to use them again for the coming season.

King ends the season in style - He writes...."Well, yesterday I had an epic hunt to finish the year,( seasion closes Monday 31st). Shot was a tad-long, but I knew I could make the shot. I was pined down above 9 deer, a tall 3x3, a wide 3x3 with short tines, a wide 3x2 with huge eyegards, and a big forky.

I layed against the hill above them for over an hour, all 4 bucks where sleeping, then some of the does started to stir getting 2 of the bucks up, as I raised up for the shot, he was around 52 yards straight down hill, head down quartering away.  Read more....

Tom Brissee and Tuffhead Score Again - December 2012

(Be sure to check out the pentration picture on the follow-on page that he included with his story. This is how the Tuffhead works!)
Harvest #3
My first longbow buck was taken on 12/12/12, a very lucky day for me indeed. The deer came around behind my stand to my left and offered a hard quartering away shot. The 225gr. Tuffhead tipped Sitka Spruce arrow weighed 618 grains and carried an FOC of 19.20%. I leaned out to avoid... Read the rest

Tom Brissee's good words on the Tuffhead - November 2012

This is my first year bowhunting with Traditional Archery tackle.  I have been working at becoming proficient with my longbow for quite some time.  During that time, I did alot of research on broadheads and how to get the best penetration.  Dr. Ed Ashby's penetration studies steered me toward single-bevel 2 blade broadheads and, in particular the Tuffhead broadhead.  .  During years of bowhunting with a compound bow, I always built my arrows with high FOC and continue to do so with the wood arrows I am using with the longbow.  I found...   Read More on Tom's two early Tuffhead successes!

Abe Penner's easy to trail TuffHead trophy - Nov 2012

Funny, Abe fails to mention the weird rack when he relates...

Hi Joe

Here are some pictures of my kill this morning. I saw the buck go down from my tree stand. This was made possible with the snow on the ground. The snow also shows the blood trail very well. In most cases we could follow the trail 20 yds ahead of us while walking or more in some cases. The bloodied arrow with the tuft of hair where it lay was kind of neat .That was right at the shot site. The buck was found with all the blood frothing out of the exist wound,just as you see it in the photo.. Bow setup , Blood trail and more pix...

David Coulter - Nov 6th 2012 -

Hi Joe,

I wanted to tell you that yesterday afternoon, just  before dark, I took my first deer with a bow.  I was using one of your 225 grain Tuffheads and it worked just as it was supposed to. My little whitetail doe was not much of a test perhaps, but the wound in the lower 1/3rd of the heart bled immediately and the doe expired about 50 yards up the trail in probably less than two minutes.  This afternoon I went back out and found the arrow firmly planted into the stoney hillside right where the deer was walking.

Thanks for helping make my first archery kill a textbook experience.  If I would have had to track her it would have been easy. The bow is a Leon Stewart Slammer Special, 46#. The arrow is a Beman ICS Bowhunter 400, weighing 625 grains total with an FOC of 28%.

David Coulter David W. Coulter Photography
david@davidwcoulter.com   www.davidwcoulter.com   570-688-9295
PO Box D,  Henryville, PA 18332

David Deville a.k.a. KingWouldBe - October 2012 -
A deer and a coyote with a TuffHead 225 and a big bear with a TuffHead 300. How good can it get?

David notes...

"Shot a real nice Black tail here in California and the last Grizzly here.... well, he might just be a black bear but, he looks like he could have some Grizzly blood....lol Shot the buck at 15 yards

and hit a little high, dropped him in his tracks and he slid down the hill to a creek, I hit him again as he was sliding down hill for insurance, oh! and the coyote was just a bonus.

The bear was a little closer @ 11 yards as he was coming up hill.

I spotted him about 250 - 300 yards away coming down the other side of a mountain, got my self in position as he came up the other side to me, hit both lungs coming in high on his back with a slight quartering at me shot, he never knew what happened..... just raised his head like what was that, then he shot forward about 20 yards and stood there wondering what was going on, when I heard him take a little stumble, then he started rolling down hill like a wheelbarrow full of cement, bowling over trees and brush crashing down hill about 150 yards to the bottom of the canyon.

Well, Like Mel Brooks said: " It's good to be the king ".....lol            Kingwouldbe 

Rocky Cade - October 2012 -
Joe: Tuffhead comes thru again. 2012 buck shot at 10 yards. ( Same exact tree stand, same exact arrow, same exact Tuffhead that I used on the 2011 buck) spine hit on a quartering away shot so I may have hit two vertebras broadhead was sticking thru about 1 inch inside chest. bow weight 55#, arrow weight 639 grains, FOC 22.8.
Next job for the Tuffhead will be Alaskan Brown Bear Sept. 2013. I will be increasing bow weight and arrow weight for this job. Looking forward to the titanium adapters. Rocky

Richie Nell sends this second picture of a  recent south Alabama doe.

I want to tell you about the second victim I have taken with the same Tuffhead 225.  First of all, after recently shooting a buck (and the earth upon exiting),  the Tuffhead only needed a few strops on a cardboard box to get it hunting sharp.  I then took a doe with it on 1/19/12.  I was hunting a narrow strip of timber between ...

 Read more of Rich's Doe story, some autopsy pictures and a video of the massive blood trail left by the Tuffhead™...

Richie Nell sends this picture of a nice south Alabama whitetail.

Joe: Enclosed is a South Alabama victim.

Arrow entered at very steep angle tight behind the shoulder triangle from tree 8-9 yards away.  It exited right beside the brisket until it hit the dirt.  It is not as sharp right after that incident as it was before but it is still very sharp to hunt with.  The blood trail was plenty good with excellent spots in some places along a 60 yard blood trail.


Just thought I would let you know.     Thanks,      Richie Nell


2011 Whitetail - Todd Secker
Todd Secker writes-"Joe, Thanks for designing the Tuffhead. I ended a great hunt this season with one of your Tuffheads out of one of my recurves."


2011 Whitetail -  R.D. Cade
R.D. Cade- Michigan buck.  Shot Nov. 6, 2011 . The Tuffhead  seems to do the job! Flys well from my compound at 60 # using ACC 371  281/2 .


2011 Whitetail - Chuck Jones
I'm confident that even with my lighter weight bow set-up, I can rely on great penetration and exceptional cutting performance from the TuffHeads.... read more of Chuck Jones experience this nice buck and its meeting with a TuffHead.



2011 Whitetail - Steve Woodruff

Thanks for an awesome broadhead!!!  A Very Satisfied Customer,

        ... Read more of Steve's comments on his experiences with the TuffHead

   Made in the USA