With the very tough and fat thick shield protecting a hog's vitals and their sometimes cranky disposition, the TuffHead double blade broadhead on a well tuned arrow makes a great choice for the trad archer as these fine stories and pictures prove. Send along your story when you get the chance.


imageDavid DeVille back at it again - July 2014

Shot was about 15-18 yards, 63# hybrid longbow, 665grain arrow tipped with a tuffhead 225grain with 100grain steel insert. This hog and it's later autopsy and pictures lead to a longer discussion on and's Leatherwall discussion form.

We here at TuffHead are building out a new website... to help inform and educate all archers Trad and Modern, on the value of improved FOC. Toward that end as one of our first posts on,  we've included the entire discussion there as "Little Blackie Takes A Dirt Nap."

There will be a lot more effort in the near future on and we would appreciate your contributions. This new site is still a work in progress but check out Blackie's full story for now.


King 2014David DeVille - March 2014

Hi Joe,

I made up some 665 grain arrows with some of your 225 Tuffhead with 100 grain steel insert, I stocked up to this sow @ about 15 yards, she was broadside or slightly quartering away, with her head down feeding, she had looked at me and I was froze & she dismissed me, and went back to feeding, even though she kept feeding, I'm sure she was ready for flight.

At the shot she spun to her left away from the arrow, I caught her in the neck angling toward her head breaking her spine in two, I am so glad I was shooting a broadhead that was able to handle the " WHAT IF " I'm sure that if she would of stayed broadside my arrow would of jumped through her and been 20 yard away.

Once I fished out the broadhead, it did not even have a scratch on it, after I wiped it clean it looked new, even though the 100 grain steel broadhead adapter was bent, the Tuffhead was perfect.

I was shooting a 55lb longbow with a 665grain arrow...... just what the Doctor ordered.

Take care & God bless my friend

David DeVille


Jones sp2014 boarChuck Jones - Spring 2014

Hi Joe.    Just got back from Texas. We had a great Jones Sow sp 2014time, and the ranch was as good as I hoped for. The 7 hunters killed 5 pigs, and everyone had shot opportunities.


We hunted baits and spot and stalk. I killed 2 pigs; a sow and a boar. The sow was at a bait, and I stalked the boar. I shot both with the 225 grain tuffhead on a fir arrow. Used my 45#@28" takedown longbow on the sow, and the new 52", 41#@26" recurve on the boar. Got a complete pass through on the sow. It ran for about 10 seconds and crashed. I shot the boar at 25 yards, and hit both lungs. The arrow went through the 3/4" shield, and stopped against the shield on the far side. The boar also ran for about 10 seconds and crashed. Both left a good blood trail.


Note Chuck's hunting partner Dan Forystek send these and other Pix of the thick shield and TuffHead's penetration. He sayes- Hog Shield

Hi Joe,
I hope all's well with you and yours.
I took some pic's in an attempt to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Tough Head. This hog was killed with Chucks 41lb. bow. We cut a cross section of the hogs shield to show how thick it was. The shield was so tough I could hardly cut it with a extremely sharp knife yet with only a 41 lb. bow it cut through both lungs with your head.
The outfitter told me the shield could be compared to the side wall of a truck tire. I am now a believer.
Dan Forystek


We've added the rest of the pictures Dan and Chuck included to the Hog Anatomy Page in our Education Section.
Check them out here!

shultz hogJeff Schulz - January 2014

I took this boar with a Tuffhead 225 grain broadhead.  The arrow entered on a quartering shot high and back angling down.  The penetration was great and the boar only traveled about 40 yards.  Tuffheads are very effective!  Howard Hill longbow and cedar arrow.  

-Jeff Schulz




schwister 2013 hogMichael Schwister - 2013 South Carolina Hog

I shot this South Carolina Public land hog with a 225 tuffhead.


The shot was straight down between the shoulder blades and out the sternum. Complete pass through and heavy blood trail. This is a low percentage shot for most setups, but is was light work for the tuffhead from my longbow.


I took a new years eve doe the end of season last year with the same head and arrow.







David DeVille - June 2013-
Hi Joe, how are you, I trust your health is good my friend. It's been a tough year for hogs here in California, we are in a big drought, had vary little grass, and a lot of the creeks are dry, I need to find some new areas with some water.
Last year I was able to get 2nd @ the State Broadhead Championship, and this year I won, I dropped down 5lbs and a little arrow weight to get a little flatter shooting arrow and it paid off. Have some big hunts planned here for Black tail up north and mule deer in the sierras, and I'm always looking for bears. Shot this young boar on a friends ranch in central calif, shot was about 10 yds, with 60# & 630gn arrow, the tuffhead was sticking out about half way, ( your looking at the exit in the pic ) he only went about 25-30 yds.
Thanks for a great head. David

Thom Jorgensen May 2013 hogThom Jorgensen - May 2013 - I was hunting at Hog Heaven in South Carolina when I came across this pig.

My 225 grain TuffHead was mounted on a footed Carbon Express Heritage 350 with a one piece 100 grain brass adapter. The TuffHead combo and my 64# longbow proved to be an absolutely deadly combination!

Thanks to TuffHead, Vintage Archery, and Dr Ashby!!!
Thom Jorgensen


Ray Hammond - October 2012

Ray posts a good story on his fine Tuffhead score with a lot more pictures here on the tradgang website. Scroll down a bit on this link to read Ray's story.

Richie Nell - Fine as Swine... read a great hunt story with the TuffHead 300 from a hunt this march from Rich Nell


First recorded Kill with a 300 gr. Tuffhead™! Give that man a cigar!
David Deville scores two with the new 300gr. Tuffhead. He tells the story with a video here...

 2011 Hog - Vance Skinner

Vance Skinner received a couple of Tuffheads from his buddy David DeVille, and here is what happened on his first shot... on another hog that was destroyed by the Tuffhead, the shot was about 10-15 yards on a run, it took 2 steps and hit the dirt, blew a chip off of the socket and shattered the opposite leg bone. it's chin hit the dirt and began to plow dirt, then rolled about 80 yards down hill. More details on the equipment, a video on the shot, and some internals when opening up the hog...



2011 Hog - Hank Boswell

Had a hunt last weekend and shot a deer and a hog with your Tuff-Heads. The buck was a broadside shot on a typical West Texas deer that was 3 yrs old I would say. The arrow buzzed throughout the deer on a double lung shot and I watched him fall at about 50 yards, total penetration and good blood trail but not needed. But more on Hank Boswells's hog in the photo...

2011 California Hog - David DeVille
"Kingwouldbe" (David DeVille) has an very interesting story on this hunt and some very enlightening videos about hog anatomy and the effectiveness of the TuffHead.
Read more about this trophy...

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