TuffHeads are the broadhead of choice for knowledgable trad hunters seeking big game around the world. If you seek serious animals, you want a serious arrow setup... and the TuffHead has proven to fit the bill.

Thank you to our friends here who have provided pictures and stories of their success with a TuffHead. Send yours along and we'll gladly post it.

Joe Atherton - 2013 Black Bear

This nice black bear taken by Joe Atherton of Illinois while hunting with Kent Wolowski of Rock Ridge Outfitters in Carrot River, Sask. Canada.

Joe Atherton was shooting a 58” Wolverine made by Abe Penner of Cari-bow.The 50 lb bow hurled a Easton axis 400 shaft with a 300 grain TuffHead broad head .FOC=31.5 % the total arrow weight was 740 grains.

“Thanks for making such great broadheads” Joe said when submitting his trophy picture


Steve Woodruff - 2013 Bear
Hope everything is going well. How did your Sask bear hunt go? I shot a bear (not a giant) but this was my first bear and I got to tell you my Tuffheads performance was outstanding. My arrow weight is 654 grains with 442 grains up front and 33% UEFOC. As you can see see in the pictures- I got a complete pass thru and my arrow stuck in the barrel. The bear only traveled 8-9 yards and died in 5 seconds. I know this isn't a big bear but I believe even if this was a bigger bear I would have gotten the same results. I shoot a 49# longbow with about 30# of KE!!!! I just don't understand WHY people won't...
listen to Dr. Ashby and realize momentum, arrow weight, FOC, perfect arrow flight, and MA of a quality broadhead (such as the Tuffhead) are FAR more important than KE. An example of this was a guy in camp... Read the rest of Steve's story and a great video he sent ...

Bill Kissner - May 2013 Saskatchewan Black Bear
On the morning of the 27th, equipment was checked and arrows were shot to loosen muscles that had been cramped up in the truck for 3 days and 1650 miles of driving.

I have hunted bears several times but never taken a color phase and was looking for a cinnamon/brown, or even hopefully a blonde. There was a nice blonde taken the week before we arrived.

Monday afternoon, my guide Leo, and I left at 4:00PM and rode separate 4 wheeler... read MORE

David DeVille, 2012, California

The bear was a little closer @ 11 yards as he was coming up hill.


I spotted him about 250 - 300 yards away coming down the other side of a mountain, got my self in position as he came up the other side to me, hit both lungs coming in high on his back with a slight quartering at me shot, he never knew what happened..... just raised his head like what was that, then he shot forward about 20 yards and stood there wondering what was going on, when I heard him take a little stumble, then he started rolling down hill like a wheelbarrow full of cement, bowling over trees and brush crashing down hill about 150 yards to the bottom of the canyon.


Well, Like Mel Brooks said: " It's good to be the king "            Kingwouldbe 

2009 Black Bear
Pope &Young 19.25 Inches 
These two bears and the coyote were shot using the prototype TuffHead™ broadhead over the three year testing and development stage (2008 to 2011).

All were shot by Joe Furlong owner of the Vintage Archery Co.  using a takedown longbow built by Chuck Jones of Okaw Valley Bow Company The arrows used were Grizzly Stick Alaskan arrows  The total weight of the arrow and broadhead was 750 grains, with a weight forward of center (FOC) of 22%. The bears were shot in Carrot River, Sask. Canada with Kent and Lorie Wolowskie owners and operators of Rock Ridge Outfitting


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