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(and not to say that any of these pix below are anything less than great pix, and in fact they all follow the guidelines to a 't' but if you want some tips on making great trophy photographs check "Strickly Sticks" and Riley DeMatos blog on photo tips...)


Good Morning Joe,
Here are the results of my hunt yesterday morning here in MN: 22#, 10 1/4" beard, 1" spurs. Arrowed the Tom with a 57# Prairie Panther longbow and 850 grain tapered hickory shafts tipped with your 300 grain Tuffheads...the bird never knew what hit him as he simply walked slowly away for about 25 yards, laid down, and died quietly in plain sight. My kind of tracking job!
Thanks for everything...I leave for a Manitoba bear hunt in a couple weeks so hopefully I'll have some more pics to send you then.
Take care,
Joe Blake

( Joe builds bow and his website is www.prairielongbows.com. Take time to check it over. He makes a very nice bow )

John Harvard Wildebeeste 2012May 1, 2012 John Havard sends this great story on his success in Africa and another PH impressed with the Tuffhead. Congratulations John, on a most successful hunt.

Read what John has to say in his note to us...

John also is very involved with DRYAD Bows, Inc. Check out their brand new Legend - ACS RC and Orion ACS RC static recurve limb bows on the web at www.dryadbows.com.

John also put a extended story about his hunt, the lodge, some great photos, his hunt success and a very complimentary posting about the TuffHead on Tradgang.

Thanks again, John!
March 9, 2012 - We recieved this "absolute Tuffhead convert" bush pig story from
Dennis Kamstra, Professional Hunter in Polokwane, South Africa  read his comments

Chuck Jones - Hi Joe, here are the pictures I have of the pig I shot. And here is the story.

While hunting in March 2012 in Texas, at the Wensel Pig Gigg; I shot a nice wild boar with the 225 Tuff Head. I was sitting in a brush patch on the ground at dusk when the boar came by at 15 yards. I made the shot, and the hog took off on a dead run,but the hit looked high,  so I came back in the morning.

The boar was lying where he fell, about 100 yards away, in view from the area of the shot. The Tuff Head did a great job, penetrating both sides behind the shoulder. It cut up both lungs and I'm sure the hog went down in just the few seconds it took him to run 100 yards. I shoot a 45#@28" Black Rhino longbow. The tuff Head gives me the confidence to hunt bigger game and expect full penetration and a quick kill. -Chuck Jones

Richie Nell - Fine as Swine... read a great hunt story with the TuffHead 300 from a hunt this march from Rich Nell
First recorded Kill with a 300 gr. Tuffhead™! Give that man a cigar!
David Deville scores two with the new 300gr. Tuffhead. He tells the story with a video here...
Richie Nell sends this second picture of a  recent south Alabama doe.


I want to tell you about the second victim I have taken with the same Tuffhead 225.  First of all, after recently shooting a buck (and the earth upon exiting),  the Tuffhead only needed a few strops on a cardboard box to get it hunting sharp.  I then took a doe with it on 1/19/12.  I was hunting a narrow strip of timber between ...

 Read more of Rich's Doe story, some autopsy pictures and a video of the massive blood trail left by the Tuffhead™...


Richie Nell sends this picture of a nice south Alabama whitetail.

Joe: Enclosed is a South Alabama victim.


Arrow entered at very steep angle tight behind the shoulder triangle from tree 8-9 yards away.  It exited right beside the brisket until it hit the dirt.  It is not as sharp right after that incident as it was before but it is still very sharp to hunt with.  The blood trail was plenty good with excellent spots in some places along a 60 yard blood trail.


Just thought I would let you know.     Thanks,      Richie Nell

2011 Whitetail - Todd Secker
Todd Secker writes-"Joe, Thanks for designing the Tuffhead. I ended a great hunt this season with one of your Tuffheads out of one of my recurves."
2011 Whitetail -  R.D. Cade
R.D. Cade- Michigan buck.  Shot Nov. 6, 2011 . The Tuffhead  seems to do the job! Flys well from my compound at 60 # using ACC 371  281/2 .

2011 Whitetail - Chuck Jones
I'm confident that even with my lighter weight bow set-up, I can rely on great penetration and exceptional cutting performance from the TuffHeads.... read more of Chuck Jones experience this nice buck and its meeting with a TuffHead.

 2011 Whitetail - Steve Woodruff

Thanks for an awesome broadhead!!!  A Very Satisfied Customer,

        ... Read more of Steve's comments on his experiences with the TuffHead


 2011 Hog - Vance Skinner

Vance Skinner received a couple of Tuffheads from his buddy David DeVille, and here is what happened on his first shot... on another hog that was destroyed by the Tuffhead, the shot was about 10-15 yards on a run, it took 2 steps and hit the dirt, blew a chip off of the socket and shattered the opposite leg bone. it's chin hit the dirt and began to plow dirt, then rolled about 80 yards down hill. More details on the equipment, a video on the shot, and some internals when opening up the hog...


2011 Hog - Hank Boswell

Had a hunt last weekend and shot a deer and a hog with your Tuff-Heads. The buck was a broadside shot on a typical West Texas deer that was 3 yrs old I would say. The arrow buzzed throughout the deer on a double lung shot and I watched him fall at about 50 yards, total penetration and good blood trail but not needed. But more on Hank Boswells's hog in the photo...


2011 Elk -  David Peterson   “The Tuffhead broadhead, beefed up to 450 grains with insert and adapter, performed flawlessly and helped produce one of the cleanest and fastest kills in my 30 years of traditional bowhunting for elk.  I am convinced the long, narrow profile, along with superb factory sharpening, are  major elements in the Tuffhead’s excellent penetration performance.” – David Petersen  


David Petersen is the author of "Man Made Of Elk"   www.davidpetersenbooks.com


 2011 Canada Moose - Howard Harder

 "Hi Joe,     Thank you very much for the TuffHead broadheads, I received them on Friday, installed them on my cedar arrows and tested the 225 grain brass points and one TuffHead that evening. Saturday morning I was out hunting moose with my friend Harvey Kay in the Cypress Hills located 20 miles south of hometown of Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada.     read more of Howard's story....

2011 California Hog - David DeVille
"Kingwouldbe" (David DeVille) has an very interesting story on this hunt and some very enlightening videos about hog anatomy and the effectiveness of the TuffHead.
Read more about this trophy...

Aug 2011 Elk - Abe Penner
"Your broadhead did its job again, not that I had any doubts. Thanks for making it a good one." 
Abe Penner... Read More on Abe's stalk..

2011 Elk - Bill Kissner
Bill Kissner near Mancos, Colorado
"The Tuffhead did a great job as it broke 2 ribs going in. Thanks Joe!"

read more about Bill's hunt...


2009 Black Bear
Pope &Young 19.25 Inches 
These two bears and the coyote were shot using the prototype TuffHead™ broadhead over the three year testing and development stage (2008 to 2011).

All were shot by Joe Furlong owner of the Vintage Archery Co.  using a takedown longbow built by Chuck Jones of Okaw Valley Bow Company The arrows used were Grizzly Stick Alaskan arrows  The total weight of the arrow and broadhead was 750 grains, with a weight forward of center (FOC) of 22%. The bears were shot in Carrot River, Sask. Canada with Kent and Lorie Wolowskie owners and operators of Rock Ridge Outfitting

TuffHead's™ long development stage of three years may sound extreme to some, but during this time the broadhead metallurgy was perfected and production jigs and techniques were also developed. Joe felt it was important that everything was right and the broadhead was thoroughly tested before the broadhead was marketed to the public.

   Photo by Lori Penner2009 Canadian Moose

Abe Penner of Cari-Bow (www.cari-bow.com) was feeling guilty about all the time he was spending working building custom bows. He thought that his wife Tina was being neglected so he suggested that they go on a second honey moon.

Abe suggested that they should go on a fly in moose hunt for their get away. Tina being the great sport that she is went along with Abe’s idea of the “perfect romantic trip”.

Joe Furlong of the Vintage Archery Co. asked Abe if he would use the new TuffHead™ broadhead for the moose hunt. Abe agreed to test the new prototype broadhead, that is what friends are for! On his second honeymoon in Sept 2009 Abe shot this fine Canadian moose pictured above with the TuffHead™ proto-type broadhead. Abe got a good shot on the moose and the TuffHead™ did its’ job.

Photo by Lori PennerAfter that things did not go smoothly! The moose expired in the lake and had to be field dressed and butchered while leaning over the gunwales of a boat. There was no alternative as there was no one else to help them get the moose out of the lake. (This is understandable as this was a romantic getaway. Moose hunting was just secondary, said Abe! )

If you get a chance ask Abe about the details and exactly how this butchering operation is done. You never know it could happen to you on your honeymoon! Also, ask Tina how she enjoyed the trip.

These are the only trophy pictures available as Abe refused to get in the lake with the moose so Tina could get a picture. Abe used a 53 lb @ 28”Cari-Bow Wolverine of his own design, a TuffHead™ broadhead, and carbon arrow to kill this moose. The arrow weighed 725 grains and he reports a 25% FOC arrow set up.





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