Steve Woodruff 2011 Whitetail

Steve Woodruff Whitetail with a Tuffhead 2011
Steve sends this with his pictures...

To Vintage Archery,

    Here are 2 pics of the buck I shot with a Tuffhead Broadhead. Thanks to Dr. Ashby I now hunt with your broadheads. They are the toughest, most durable, easy to sharpen broadheads on the market. Some single bevel broadheads are machined from a single billet of steel. I feel they chip easily and are prone to tip curl. You have it all with a laminated head. Finally, someone incorporated all of Ashby's recommendations and offered a broadhead at a reasonable price! I am a huge Ashby follower and am convinced your heads are as durable as the El Grandes but easier to achieve a RAZOR edge.

      I shoot a 50# A&H longbow with 670 grain 30% FOC carbon arrows. The only complaint I have is that my arrows passed SO QUICKLY through the two whitetails I shot with Tuffheads it is hard to see the point of impact! Not really a complaint, just a fact!!!! Thanks for a great broadhead!!. BTW- Bloodtrails were very good.

 Thanks for an awesome broadhead!!!

      A Very Satisfied Customer,

      Steve Woodruff

   Made in the USA