I just don't understand WHY people won't listen to Dr. Ashby and realize momentum, arrow weight, FOC, perfect arrow flight, and MA of a quality broadhead (such as the Tuffhead) are FAR more important than KE.

An example of this was a guy in camp-( a so called professional archer.....what a JOKE)!!!! He shot a 75# wheelie with (what he considered a heavy arrow) 434 grains with a piece of JUNK very low MA fixed 4 blade broadhead with 85# KE.

Joe, he almost LOST his bear-----he got 3 maybe 4 inches of penetration---(he had it on video)-and they found his bear the next morning 200 yards from the shot. He said he couldn't understand WHY he got such poor penetration????

I tried to explain Ashby's study of arrow lethality but the idiot didn't want to hear any of it!!!! Joe, the night before he saw the results of a 49# longbow with the PROPER arrow and broadhead setup, yet he STILL had to remain so ignorant to the FACTS!!!!

Well, Joe thanks again for an OUTSTANDING broadhead---those of us that know better will continue to get great results. Hope the pics go thru ok. As you can see, the broadhead stuck in the barrel, the bloodtrail was great and the bear died very close to the point of impact! I'm also sending you a short video clip I took after my shot so you can see the results of the Tuffheads. Feel free to put it on your website if you want!


Steven Woodruff

   Made in the USA