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2011 Boar with a TuffHead

2011 Hog

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Aug 2011 Elk - "Your broadhead did its job again, not that I had any doubts. Thanks for making it a good one."
                                                                    Abe Penner... Read More on Abe's stalk...

2011 Bill Kissner
near Mancos, Colorado
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2009 Black Bear
Pope &Young
19.25 Inches 




These two bears and the coyote were shot using the prototype TuffHead™ broadhead over the three year testing and development stage (2008 to 2011).

All were shot by Joe Furlong owner of the Vintage Archery Co.  using a takedown longbow built by Chuck Jones of Okaw Valley Bow Company The arrows used were Grizzly Stick Alaskan arrows  The total weight of the arrow and broadhead was 750 grains, with a weight forward of center (FOC) of 22%. The bears were shot in Carrot River, Sask. Canada with Kent and Lorie Wolowskie owners and operators of Rock Ridge Outfitting

   2010 Canada Black Bear

TuffHead™ development stage of three years may sound extreme to some, but during this time the broadhead metallurgy was perfected and production jigs and techniques were also developed. Joe Furlong felt it was important that everything was right and the broadhead was thoroughly tested before the broadhead was marketed to the public.

Photo by Lori Penner2009 Canadian Moose - Abe Penner

Abe Penner of Cari-Bow (www.cari-bow.com) was feeling guilty about all the time he was spending working building custom bows. He thought that his wife Tina was being neglected so he suggested that they go on a second honey moon.

Abe suggested that they should go on a fly in moose hunt for their get away. Tina being the great sport that she is went along with Abe’s idea of the “perfect romantic trip”.

Joe Furlong of the Vintage Archery Co. asked Abe if he would use the new TuffHead™ broadhead for the moose hunt. Abe agreed to test the new prototype broadhead, that is what friends are for! On his second honeymoon in Sept 2009 Abe shot this fine Canadian moose pictured above with the TuffHead™ proto-type broadhead. Abe got a good shot on the moose and the TuffHead™ did its’ job.

Photo by Lori PennerAfter that things did not go smoothly! The moose expired in the lake and had to be field dressed and butchered while leaning over the gunwales of a boat. There was no alternative as there was no one else to help them get the moose out of the lake. (This is understandable as this was a romantic getaway. Moose hunting was just secondary, said Abe! )

If you get a chance ask Abe about the details and exactly how this butchering operation is done. You never know it could happen to you on your honeymoon! Also, ask Tina how she enjoyed the trip.

These are the only trophy pictures available as Abe refused to get in the lake with the moose so Tina could get a picture. Abe used a 53 lb @ 28”Cari-Bow Wolverine of his own design, a TuffHead™ broadhead, and carbon arrow to kill this moose. The arrow weighed 725 grains and he reports a 25% FOC arrow set up.





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