broadhead offerings



The TUFFHEAD is a stainless steel cut-on-contact single bevel broadhead.



The MEATHEAD is a carbon steel version of the TUFFHEAD.

TUFFHEAD attributes

The TUFFHEAD™ is 3 3/16 inches long by 1 1/16 inches wide at the widest point for a 3:1 ratio. This ratio has been proven over a long time as the ultimate design for flight, penetration and high mechanical advantage. The high mechanical advantage of 3.0 has improved flight characteristics over 

other broadheads and intensifies the ability of the broadhead to penetrate its target.

  • Each broadhead is handmade in the USA

  • Each broadhead is tested for quality and integrity

  • True 3:1 ratio for best flight and best penetration

  • Oversized full length furrule adds strength and eliminates drag

  • 30 degree non curling cut-on-contact tanto tip to split and crush bone

  • 30 degree single bevel edge to open great wound channel

  • Ceramic coated for a slick, friction free surface

  • Hardened to a 52 Rockwell


The Tuffhead ™ traditional single bevel broadhead is purposely over built to handle those unexpected conditions when metal hits bone. This is why it is the Heavyweight of Broadheads.