A&A Feathers 2.5" Solid Color

Precut A&A (Ashby & Adcock) feathers. 12 feathers (2.5 inch long) per package.

To maximize your FOC, try the quietest, smallest and lightest weight feather fletching on you arrows. When your arrow is bare shaft tuned, Dr. Ashby's last step is the A&A fletch for maximum performance and the highest possible FOC. Check the tuning articles and videos here for tips. These precut feathers will save you lots of time and look great on any arrow.

We like to use either the quick and easy Fletching Tape or Fletch Tite glue that can be ordered under our "Glues" category for quick attachment of these A&A feathers to your arrows.

Each pack has 12, pre-cut, 2.5 inch A&A Feathers.  

Enough feathers to fletch 3 arrows.


Weighs 7 grams per 4.  Pack of twelve.