Direct Bond Adjustable Adapter System with Sleeve

Direct Bond Adjustable Adapter System with Sleeve

The TUFFest Direct Bond System on the Market!!

With a sleeve that bridges the gap from where the carbon shaft ends and slides onto the adapter!

With TUFFHEAD or MEATHEAD, you get a 3rd point of reinforcement!

Compatable with glue on broadheads, field points and blunts!

Available in Stainless and Aluminum.

Fully adjustable with cut marks for adjustability.

Stainless is adjustable from 200g, 175g and 155g

Aluminum is adjustable from 100g, 75g, and 55g in .244 and 75g - 50g in .203/.204

Stainless sleeve weights 40g

Aluminum sleeve weights 20g

Sold as a 3 pack.



Sleeves to fit .307, .299, .291


Sleeves to fit .272, .262, .250


Shaft prep is important and some sanding might be needed. More info on shaft prep and a video can be found on Ethics Archery website at