Evolution SERIES 3 Blade

Evolution SERIES 3 Blade



Nicknamed "The Tank" for its extreme  Tuff-ness 

Available in 200g and 300g 



Cutting Diameter of 1.00”

Blade length of 2.10”

Blade thickness of .042”



Cutting Diameter of 1.00”

Blade length of 2.40”

Blade thickness of .050”


~S7 Tool Steel heat treated to a perfect blend of durability and sharpen-ability.

~1.00” cutting diameter for a decreased blade angle for a decreased angle of attack. This increases penetration and decrease deflection.

~Raised inner rib for increased structural integrity.

~The Smooth Dishing of the inner rib aids in penetration, as well as flight stability at high speeds.

~Cut on Contact Tip. Reduces skip angle and aids in splitting bone.

~Ceramic finish for a slick surface to aid in penetration and corrosion. 

~Spin tested for trueness.

~Ready to hunt.

~Packaged weight matched .  +/- 5g. 





Sold in pack of 3.


*Please allow a couple extra days for shipping. These heads are hand finished upon order.