Evolution SERIES Single Bevel

Evolution SERIES Single Bevel

ATTENTION: We have set backs on the production run on finishes.

Shipments will be slightly delayed. Thank you for your patience as we work over this hurdle. 


We will have stocked inventory in May!


Available in 200g and 300g 

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Cutting width of 1.1875”

Blade length of 1.36”

Blade thickness of .070”



Cutting width of 1.125”

Blade length of 2.30"

Blade thickness of .074”


~S7 Tool Steel heat treated to a perfect blend of durability and sharpen-ability.

~20 deg single bevel from center line creates a razor sharp cutting edge with proper twist rate.

~Tip to tail ferrule design increases strength and reduces tip curl.

~Oversized ferrule ending to increase wound opening diameter during “S” pattern path. This also places more weight down the centerline for improved flight.

~4 way Cut On Contact Tip. Reduces skip angle and aids in splitting bone.

~Ceramic finish for a slick surface to aid in penetration and corrosion.

~Spin tested for trueness.

~Hand finished and hunt ready.

~Packaged matched Weight.  +/- 5g. 

~Patent Pending design features.





Sold as 3 pack.


*Right Bevel Only 

*Please allow a couple extra days for shipping. These heads are hand finished upon order.

*Photo does not depict actual color