MEATHEAD Screw In 265 Grain

The MeatHead is the carbon steel version of the TUFFHEAD

Based off the 190g Broadhead


Available in Right Bevel only at this time.

- Tempered to a 52 rockwell

- 3.1875" x 1.0625"

- .050" blade thickness 

- 25 degree single bevel cutting edge

- 0.359" ferrule opening with a 5% taper to the tip

- 30 degree 4 way Cut on Contact Tanto tip

- Ceramic coated

- Hunt-ready, sharp

- Welded steel insert installed

- Packs come with 3 heads weight matched within 3 grains and within 10 grains of advertized total weight.


Pack of 3.

  • Disclaimer:

    It is possible, due to uncontrollable tolerance variations in material and manufacturing, that the weight of individual broadheads may vary by up to 10 grains from the indicated weight.  Before packaging, the broadheads are all weighed and grouped within 5 grains of each other.