Momentum Bow Strings

Momentum Bow Strings

Momentum Bowstrings



Developed  from a decade hunting and testing with heavy arrows. 

These bowstrings are made for High Momnetum Traditional Bowhunters.

Available for recurve and longbow.


S3 = Speed, Stability, Silence


We build our bowstrings with BCY materials.

Available in Black/White and Buckskin/Brown


~Our own S3  blend of BCY 8125 (Dyneema SK75) for overall durability and speed with a few strands of Mercury (Dyneema SK99) for stability and consistancy.

~2 bundle Flemish Twist.

~Diamondback serving for durability. Sized for Bohning, Easton, Black Eagle and others.

~Pre stretched and built under 400 pounds of tension so your string will not move once brace height is set.

~Adjustable 4 turns +/-

~Includes string nock set.

~Silencers sold seperatly.

Stocking common AMO size sttrings for Recurve and Longbow.

Custom string orders are approx 1 week build time.

*Please note, AMO length is NOT actual string length. Recurve is minus 4" and Longbow is Minus 3". This is standard AMO measurements.

*When Custom ordering, provide actual string length in comments at check out.

Please apply tension on your string when measuring. Round to nearest 1/4" .

*If you buy silencers, let us know if you want them installed.