Whitetip Broadhead Practice Points

Whitetip Broadhead Practice Points

These practice tips are misfit broadheads that did not make the final cut to packaging for one reason or another.

They will fly good enough for practicing.

The point and edges have been blunted.

We just want to re-coop our material cost!

To distinguish them from regular broadheads the ferule has been notched and the tip painted white. The notch has no effect in mounting with adaptors or on wood arrows.

Practicing with broadheads builds skill and confidence. 

Weights varry due to grinding. Sold as is.

(Shooting these points into a foam target may damage the target).  

3 pack


  • Disclaimer:

    It is possible, due to uncontrollable tolerance variations in material and manufacturing, that the weight of individual broadheads may vary by up to 10 grains from the indicated weight.  Before packaging, the broadheads are all weighed and grouped within 5 grains of each other.