quality control,
Testing and Warranty

In these days of expensive hunts, equipment, and the limited amount of time most of us can dedicate to our passion of bow hunting, it is important that we use the best equipment we can find.

There is nothing worse than a hunt spoiled because of equipment failure.  This is why as manufacturer, we strive to make the best broadhead that can be produced!  We take pride in our craftsmanship and consider each TUFFHEAD™ an extension of our workmanship.

Pride in craftsmanship translates into quality.  During the construction process the TUFFHEAD™ broadhead is continually monitored for quality.  Each individual broadhead is handled at least 30 times during manufacturing and is visually inspected multiple times at each stage of this process. Each broadhead is heat tested, pressure tested and spin tested to ensure each one meets our standards before packaging and selling.

We offer a full replacement warranty against manufacturing defects such as breakage, tip curling and bending as the broadhead passes though an animal.  We do not, however, honor the warranty on missed shots.

You can hunt with confidence knowing the TUFFHEAD will fly true and perform flawlessly.  We are proud of the TUFFHEAD and to say all of our broadheads are handmade in the United States by true craftsmen.